my pet英语作文

my pet英语作文

I have a pet. I named him Nicholas. Nicholas is a pure Husky dog. He was about 8 weeks when he first came to my home. We will have his birthday next week and he is turning 2 years old. Good time goes fast. He’s totally mature now but somehow I just refuse to admit it. In my eyes, no matter how big the size he is, he’s just my adorable puppy. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility. I spent a lot of time house-trainning him. You’d have to be patient, compassionate, and consistent. Fortunately, Nicholas is a fast learner. Now he knows exactly where to go potty, what time to eat, and how to play. He used to be too energetic and he liked biting. But now, as he’s growing up, he’s gentle and obedient. On week days, I take him to parks. I toss out his toy and he goes and get it. He loves this game. Nicholas brings me lots of fun and I’m proud of being his owner.



这些应该差不多三分钟吧。 Should We Keep Pet? Nowadays, with the improvement of the people’s living standard, some people form a habit of raising small or domestic animals as pets. Some raise small dogs or cats as their pets while others raise various birds or fishes as their pets. There are still even some people raising snakes and other unusual animals as their pets. Does anyone have the same opinion of raising animals as pets? No, some people object to the idea of raising animals as pets. To them, animals have their own right to live a natural life like human beings. On the other hand, the way people raise animals as pets have a negative influence on the surroundings such as dogs’ barking at midnight, dogs’ chasing people on the street and so on. What’s more, some animals will transmit some diseases. I feel that keeping a pet as a company is important for the psychological well being of a person. Keeping a pet could help a youngster to learn to respect and care for other living creatures. This helps the child to develop mental well being. Some pets are so important for people that they are recognized as part of the family. Being with an animal not only keep people fore depression because of social isolation, but also help people to redirect their attention from human interaction to interaction with nature. The modern world is walking further and further away form nature. Many even start to forget that there are other living beings other than human on our planet. Therefore keeping a pet is also important for the modern people to remember the origin of their being, namely nature.

my favorite pet 作文

my favorite pet 作文

My favorite pet is a dog. He is very lovely. His name is Jack and he is two years old. His hair is long and white. He has big black eyes. His nose is very nimble . He can smell very well. He is quiet, but sometimes he is noisy at night. He is about two kilograms. Jack’s favorite food is meat. He also likes bones.

Jack is very friendly. I feed him every day. He likes running if you want to be healthy ,it is a good way to walk with the dog in the park every day So I play with him every day in the park. He can find the way home easily. I think he is the cleverest animal of all.

I’ll be able to give a lot of love to him. I think he will be happy. However, he sleeps all day, too. He is my best friend! He is perfect and can be a great pet. Do you like my pet dog?






My family had a small rabbit, called "Cher", which jump all day, and everyone hi it. It is a very long ears, eyes very red, like a pair of beautiful rubies. Body covered with white hair, round tail, and short. 我家有一个小兔子,叫“雪儿”,它整天活蹦乱跳的,大家都很喜它.它的耳朵很长,眼睛很红,像一对美丽的红宝石.全身长满雪白的茸毛,尾巴圆圆的,短短的. 不多不少刚刚40,OK ?

英语作文 my pet 帮忙!~


一条可爱的狗。它的名字是”点点” 。因为有很多黑的圆圈在它的皮肤上。”点点” 是非常友好的。许多孩子喜欢和它玩。他的喜爱食物是肉骨头。 他的喜爱玩具是玩偶。” 点点” 喜欢非常跑。它跑得非常快速并且它有一个女朋友。它的名字”娜娜” 。它的皮肤也有很多黑圈子。我非常喜欢我的宠物。这是一只好宠物!!

My pet is a lovely dog.Its name is “dian dian”.because there are a lot of black circle on its skin.the “dian dian” is very friendly.Many childen like play with him.His favourite food is meat bones. His favourite toy is a doll. 'dian dian ' likes to run very much.It can run very fast and it has a girl friend.its name “na na”.there are a lot of black circle on its skin,too.I like my pet very much.It is a good pet!!



I have got two baby cats. they are very beautiful. One is yellow. the other is white. they are very lovely. the yellow cat is very naughty. He likes to play with people. He often runs here and there. His favourite game is playing with balls, ropes and stones. But the white cat is very gentle. She likes to wash her face. And she doesn′t like to play with people. She often jumps onto my knees. I like to give her a bath.

Oh, my baby cats bring me much happiness. We are very good friends. I love them.

英语作文my pet

My Pet

Recently, three owls appeared suddenly on our campus. They made me think of my pet from childhood. When I was little, we had an owl at home. It was small, gray, and had two big eyes. We liked it very much. Every time I went home, it greeted me by making “goo-goo” sounds. We always played with it and talked to it. It would blink its eyes just like it understood what we were saying. It was like my best friend. But when the weather became colder, we forgot to keep it warm, and it died. It made us sad for a long time, and it also taught me how important it is to take care of animals.

my favorite pet英语作文

I love my dog

My pet is a lovely dog.Its name is ‘dian dian’.because there are a lot of black circle on its skin.the ‘dian dian’ is very friendly.Many childen like play with him.His favourite food is meat bones. H is favourite toy is a doll. ’dian dian ’ likes to run very much.It can run very fast and it has a girl friend.its name ‘na na’.there are a lot of black circle on its skin,too.I like my pet very much.It is a good pet!!


My grandmother gave me a cat as a birthday present. It was named Mini. It was black and white. When I came back home,she usually ran to me and played with me. When I was doing my homework, she used to lie under the table quietly. She loved to look at herself in the mirror. She kept clean and enjoyed being washed. She was such a nice and lovely cat. A week ago when I took her out, she was so happy running around. Unfortunately she was lost. Since then I have never found her. How I miss her!

I have a pet dog, her name is Du Du. She is very cute but quite naughty. My father, my mother and me, we all like her very much, and seldom scold her though she sometimes makes a mess at home. However, my mother got really angry with Du Du a few days ago. My mother loves flowers and always brings some home. Last Sunday, she bought some lilies.

They were very fragrant. Du Du must have thought that the flowers were delicious, too, so she ate them while my mother was in the kitchen. By the time my mother rushed out of the kitchen, the vase was broken, water was everywhere and the flowers were all gone. My mother was so angry that she didn’t talk to Du Du for the rest of the day and didn’t feed her in the evening.

英语作文My favourite pet

My favourite pet is a cat. She belongs to my grandfather. Her name is Mimi and she is two years old. She has short, grey fur and white paws. Her eyes are green and she is quite small. She wighs about 1.5 kilograms. Usually,she eats cat foood is fish, she likes millk if it is not too cold.I feed Mimi every day and give her clean water. Sometimes, I brush her ful and she enjoys it very much. My favourite cat.

my pet英语作文初二

I have a lovely pet.He is a dog,his name is**.My dog has white hair, big round black eyes, his body a little like a snowball.It is a lively, lovely, but also very considerate. He often play with me, with me.He is very friendly to others, we are loyal partners, we all love him very much. He brought us joy.